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Please choose the compressor that meets your requirements:

  • Brand New

1.       Rotary Vane Air Compressors

2.       Rotary Screw Air Compressors

3.       Reciprocating Air Compressors

  • Second Hand

Please contact us for any size or type. We will be happy to give you a quote for fully overhauled units (according to availability) which will be sold with 12 months warranty. When it comes to second hand units we offer quality at reasonable price which will not be matched by anybody.

For examples of some of our second hand stock, please click here.


Rotary Vane Air Compressors

Rotary Vane Compressors are one of the compressors you can trust and you can expect to run 24/7 in many years. They are versatile, powerful and cost effective. They come in small and large units so whatever industry you are in; there is a Hydrovane unit suit for you. They provide a consistent supply of high quality, free air.

 Here is some technical information for different model of Hydrovane Air Compressors:



ROTARY SCREW Air Compressors

Ceccato has been producing compressed air since 1938 constructed with components that have been tested for years in many industrial plants. It’s experience in compressed air technology makes it one of the leading compressed air manufacturer, selling compressors not only in Italy but other parts of Europe and other continents including Australia.

Ceccato has been acquired by Atlas Copco group in 1998 and has been working hard to modernize the Ceccato production facilities and on the different complete product range. So you can assure it’s high efficiency screw assembly, top brand-name components, high tech assembling and it reliability. All Ceccato air compressor products are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and all models conform to the rigorous ISO 1217, Ed.3, Annex C-1996 acceptance test code, the guarantee of dependability and long service life.

There are different ranges of Ceccato Screw Compressor to choose from. CSA Rotary compressor is one of the ranges. It is a rotary screw with high yield, high reliability and low noise level. Field tested and proven in wide variety of situations. It has two industrial complete system options CSA Dry and CSA Tank.  They are compact, preassembled and ready for use. Ideal for businesses with limited space.


Above is the technical information of the compressors in different sizes and models.

CSM Mini Compressor Range- A small power machine with big compressor components with high efficiency screw unit for compressing air without metal parts touching, an efficient cooling system with dry air in DRY version with dryer, completely automatic operation and complete system ready for use.




CSC Screw Compressor Range-  Its top quality components and superior tolerance levels provide greater output, high efficiency, durability and reliable performance. It’s low noise levels and “intelligent cut-in/cut-out function” make it environmentally friendly. Multi-control options to minimise power consumption, large cabinets make this a great machine to own and a superb machine to maintain.

Other Screw Compressor Range

CSB Screw Compressor Range

CSD Screw Compressor Range


DRD Screw Compressor Range


DRE Screw Compressor Range


DRF Screw Compressor Range


Variable Speed


For more information about the range of compressors we can supply you, please come see us or contact us for a free quote.



Reciprocating Air Compressors

We sell McMillan Air Compressors. These compressors are built in Australia.For more information and quote, please contact us.



For High Pressure and High Volume Reciprocating Air Compressors, please contact us.


Second Hand Air Compressors


We have different brands and sizes of second hand Screw Compressors like Atlas Copco, Champion, Ingersol Rand, Broom Wade and all other leading brands.Contact


 for the right unit we can supply. 






Hydrovane Air Compressors are our specialty and they are known to be long life compressors. When they are overhauled by our technicians, they are very good working machines. We sell them with 12 months warranty at a very reasonable price. With this, you can’t go wrong.

Please contact us for more information.






Second Hand Reciprocating Air Compressors are also available.

Please contact us for all your Air Compressor requirements.